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Download Bullet Echo for Android

Bullet Echo for Android - this project is a team shooter. Here users will have to create their own team of friends or join random users from around the world to go to another duel and try to win there.


Before you go into battle, you must first choose your own hero. Look through all the available characters, each with their own unique skills and make your choice. And only after that you can go to the dark location, where your first duel will take place. Participate in battles, develop your own tactics that will help your team again and again to gain an advantage in each battle and increase your chances of victory. Earn money for every win and of course rating points which will boost your position on the leaderboard


The gameplay mechanics involve controlling your character in a completely dark location. Players will only see what their flashlight illuminates, so don't forget to constantly look around to avoid becoming easy prey for your enemies. Use all the skills that your hero has, constantly pumping his skills and get only stronger with each drawn duel. Create your own teams with your friends and try to become the best. Play for fun and get a lot of positive emotions from every victory.


The visual component of "Bullet Echo" is made in a cool stylization and can please with a painted shell and pleasant colors that, combined with different effects, create an attractive atmosphere. Funny characters and a nice interface will provide a good time and will not leave indifferent any user. As for the camera, it will be located in the top position during the duels.

If you like various shooters and would like to try out quite unconventional mechanics, then "Bullet Echo" will definitely suit your taste.

Download Bullet Echo for Android

Download Bullet Echo for Android

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